Our policy on health ,safety & welfare at work.


  • We recognizes that high standards of health safety and welfare are on an integral element of efficient business management objectives and contributes to the operational efficiency and profitability of the company .

  • For such standards to be achieved adequate financial and physical resources are made available thereby ensuring continuing development of employees and the provision for necessary expert advice.

  • Equally, it is recognized that employees have a duty of care to themselves , and others by avoiding hazards, preventing accidents and co-operation with the company by complying with all instructions and recommendations on health and safety.

  • We will ensure , so far as is reasonably practicable.

  • Safe and health work methods and conditions are adopted and provided.

  • All the statutory requirements are observed and are treated as the minimum.

  • Standards to be applied to all work activities.

  • Employees are made aware of potential hazards and the precautions to be adopted ,by providing information instructions training and supervision.

  • Steps are taken to identify the immediate and underlying causes of work related injuries.

  • The policy is reviewed and developed periodically to ensure it remains effective and necessary amendments are communicated to all employees.

  • Employees who disregard company health & safety procedures will be subjected to summary dismissal.